The Emerging Leaders Board is a group of dedicated volunteers who play a pivotal role in advancing the mission of the Adirondack Scholarship Foundation (ADKSF). Through their expertise and networks, members support meaningful initiatives and contribute to the success of the organization. This program offers a view into the inner workings of the organization and is a structured platform for active participation. Furthermore the ELB fosters a culture of collaboration, support, and recognition while cultivating future leaders within the ADKSF.


Membership is indefinite, with biennial check-ins to assess continued interest and involvement. Members are also invited to express interest in joining the full ADKSF Board.


Members are expected to engage actively, which includes participation in at least one Outreach subcommittee, recruitment of Trailblazing Advocates, commitment to personal fundraising efforts, and amplification of messaging.  Subcommittee involvement requires attending the majority of scheduled meetings and completing all assigned tasks (~1hr/week).


The Outreach Committee oversees marketing and fundraising efforts through various subcommittees led by board members:

  • Marketing Material Creation
  • Social Media
  • Donor Relations
  • Event Planning

Why Join the Emerging Leaders Board?

Joining the Emerging Leaders Board presents a unique opportunity for personal growth, professional development, and meaningful impact. Members benefit from:

  • Personal Fulfillment: Channel your passion for camp into meaningful action. Whether you’ve experienced the joys of camp, the friendships and personal growth firsthand or through others, you know the value it brings. Experience the satisfaction of being involved in making summer camp more accessible to all. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse group of motivated individuals, including fellow Emerging Leaders Board members, ADKSF Board Members, community leaders, and philanthropists, fostering valuable relationships and expanding your network.
  • Recognition and Visibility: Receive recognition for your contributions and achievements within the organization and broader community, enhancing your professional resume, reputation, and visibility.
  • Leadership and Skill Development: Gain experience in leadership roles, honing skills in project management, event planning, fundraising, and marketing and communication through active participation in subcommittees and collaborative initiatives. 

By joining the Emerging Leaders Board, you become part of a dynamic team dedicated to making a lasting impact and shaping a brighter future for scholarship recipients and their families.

Interested in joining the Emerging Leaders Board? Contact us.